The Beauty of saying YES……

How many times have you said "yes" to:

  • Volunteering at your daughter's ballet recitals or your son's swimming lessons?
  • Picking up your neighbor's kids because she was stuck in traffic?
  • Purchasing magazines, wrapping paper, or raffle tickets to support a school team?
  • Going to every child and grandchild's classmate's birthday parties?

In the corporate world you have to learn to say "no" even if you'd rather say "yes." You have to juggle, plan and coordinate yet too often these little "yeses" leave you feeling stressed and frustrated.

In the world of Avalla, we encourage you to say YES. We want you to experience all that life has to offer and to have the freedom to say "yes" because each is also an opportunity to build your business while you help others. They're not interruptions. They are opportunities – chances to build relationships and your business.

Look at the bigger picture. There is no escaping all the distractions and interruptions that are a part of your life, but learning to add them as a tool can easily be the secret to your business success you want and deserve.

You are Avalla's most valuable asset. Much time and energy are put into creating and maintaining an advanced education, trainer programs, and incentives that are centered on relationships, providing a fun and friendly alternative for you to seek time for the things that matter most.

Why should you choose to be part of the growing Avalla business?


  • Because what you want in life is more than a paycheck, it's a lifestyle that reflects what you value most.
  • Because you want to be healthy, wealthy and happy and help others do the same.
  • Because you know nature offers the right solutions to everyday health and beauty needs and you like being able to share that with others.
  • Because helping others is important
  • Because you like having more fun, making more money, finding more friends , feeling more confident.
  • Because working to earn a living is not the same as working to live a lifestyle and you get that.
  • Because what matters most is how you spend your time and what you get from the time you spend.
  • Because being happy is a choice, not a possibility.

You earn first by sharing products with
people you know

  • Up to 40% of the retail value purchased
  • Successful Consultants find customers everywhere and offer a variety of ways to shop with them.

Earn by helping others start a business of their own

  • 10% of the Retails Sales of people you directly sponsor in their own business
    Earn unlimited residual income by supporting others develop their businesses
  • As you focus your business on supporting others achieve their own success, The Avalla Career Path will always reward you for helping others accomplish and achieve their dreams.


Date 11/02/2014


Subject Skin care


How can I join to sell Avalla? 780-233-3715

Date 05/03/2013

By Katherine Torres

Subject more Info...


Im a resident in Puerto Rico, I wish to recieve more information on becoming a sales representative if there are any posibilitys, Thanks send any info to
PO Box 746
Adjuntas, PR 00601 Have a wounderfull day!!

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