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Welcome to Azuli Skye :


What started as a hobby has turned into a life changing passion for me and our Azuli Skye Consultants.

A few years ago, a dear friend and I got together with a group of women to make Mother's bracelets with our children's names and birthstones.
Soon, I was receiving requests from these friends to have parties of their own, not just to design Mother's bracelets, but to choose jewelry in their favorite colors.
Before long, mainly from word of mouth, I was having more parties than I'd ever dreamed possible. I quickly discovered these parties were about much more than sharing a love of jewelry.
I had a lot in common with my guests - we were mostly all stay-at-home moms with very young children in need of some "Me" time! Our get-togethers were a chance for all of us to relax and reconnect, and after every one, I had such a wonderful, satisfied feeling.
After one of the parties, I felt the challenge to find a way to offer this experience to other women.
This is how Azuli Skye was born!
What started as one little party has turned into a business that works for any woman who has a love for jewelry and a desire to shape her own destiny.
For many of our Consultants, their excitement for the product and opportunity is so contagious that they end up building their own team.

I, along with my husband Allan, am proud to provide women from all the across the United States an opportunity to take control of their finances and their futures. We offer a dynamic collection of beautiful jewelry that truly has something for everyone.

Much of our gorgeous collection is handcrafted by jewelry artisans at our Headquarters in North Carolina, and we are committed to using only the finest materials the world has to offer. Sterling Silver, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gems and custom handmade beads are the cornerstones of our stunning designs.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know Azuli Skye. Whether you are interested in becoming a Consultant or one of our loyal customers, I invite you to share in our world of Endless Possibilities!

At AZULI SKYE we help you start your own business while you start living... for a living.

We offer...
  • A great opportunity to start your own profitable business
  • Fantastic training & tools
  • Generous commissions and incentives
  • Our lucrative compensation plan
  • Ground floor opportunity



And truly high-quality products...
  • Colorful, vibrant Sterling, Fashion and Pandora-style jewelry
  • The option to design your own personalized jewelry
  • .925 silver, stunning artisan glass, genuine Swarovski crystal and pearls, and semi-precious gemstones
  • Many handcrafted in the U.S.A. pieces
This is your opportunity to...
  • Set your own hours and be rewarded for your efforts
  • Quickly find hostesses, book parties, and delight customers
  • Build a business that can generate a full-time income
I got my kit last Thursday and am absolutely blown away!!!!!! Not only did it come very quickly but it is everything I wanted it to be and more! The jewelry is amazing, beautiful, quality, eye catching, and words almost can't describe how much I love it. -- Marcy, FL
Now we know this may be a new concept for you which is why...


  • We remit sales tax for you
  • Training and tools are free
  • Our hostess program and credit card processing are free
  • Your personal AZULI SKYE website is free
  • There are no renewal fees
  • Orders are individually packaged and shipped directly to the hostess
As part of your joining our family you’ll receive...
  • A great Consultant Kit packed with everything you need
  • Business supplies for your first 6 home jewelry parties
  • Black velvet jewelry displays
  • Access to our exclusive online community
  • Outstanding support and fantastic training materials
  • A kit valued at over $600, including over $500 of our most popular jewelry
You see at AZULI SKYE...
  • Our home jewelry parties are fun!
  • We focus on creating a memorable experience for the hostess and her guests, and making sure everyone has a great time!
  • Our consultants dreams always come first
  • We work right along with you to ensure your business is a rousing success
While grocery shopping this morning...and of course wearing our beautiful jewelry 2 ladies complimented my necklace and... You guessed it....I booked them BOTH! -- Rhonda, PA

We know that success in direct sales is simple: treat people right, build lasting relationships, enjoy what you do, and the opportunities will be endless.

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