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Earn 50% on everything you sell.

Skin care, makeup, body care, fragrances, new orders or reorders — everything you sell earns you 50% of the suggested retail price. It’s one of the highest income-earning percentages in the industry,
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Sell on the go.

Hand out the quarterly
catalog, The Look,
wherever you go.
It’s packed with new and
current products, easy to wear and
apply looks, great tips and lots of support for your business and your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site. You can even choose to have the Company mail The Look on your behalf to your friends and family each quarter for less than if you mailed it yourself. And it includes exclusive product samples inside when you do!

Sell online.

With a Mary Kay® Personal Web Site, your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors can browse and buy 24/7. They’ll find

tips, regularly updated information, the Virtual Makeover and easy ordering. Plus, you can send the monthly Beaut-e-News® newsletter or customizable MKeCards® that link back to your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site.

Sell in person
or at a party.

You’ll learn about techniques for applying makeup and other expert advice that you can share with family and friends. They’ll love that you

bring the skin care aisle and makeup counter to them so they can try before they buy. No more wasting money on unflattering shades or products that don’t deliver. It’s fun, personalized and a great way to sell!



Exclusive Web sites offer you access to product and ingredient information, selling tips and a wealth of tools and resources for all the knowledge and confidence you need to get started. Plus, the Virtual Makeover gives you application techniques and even lets you play with colors to create custom looks for “virtual practice.”

In print.

You’ll get a free subscription to the exclusive independent sales force magazine Applause® each month, FREE booklets with product and business information in your Starter Kit, plus, you can order the exclusive Color Insider, a low-cost, step-by-step makeup application book and DVD set. The set includes a variety of models wearing different makeup artist looks with diagrams to show exactly how each shade is applied.

In person.

You’ll learn best practices from other Independent Beauty Consultants as well as Independent Sales Directors at team meetings. And throughout the year, you can attend special events where you’ll meet some of the best in the business from all over the country and the world, plus get a wealth of education geared to your needs. Some of these events include:

  • Career Conference
  • Seminar
  • Leadership Conference
  • Special retreats


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Since opening its first international venture in Australia in 1971, Mary Kay Inc. has expanded to more than 35 markets on five continents.

Czech Republic
El Salvador

Hong Kong
New Zealand

United Kingdom
United States