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In 1930, from a little village nestled deep within the Swiss Alps, Ulrich Jüstrich created a company with a natural approach to well-being and health, using the beneficial effects of nature in harmony with the human body.

Years later, this small company would earn worldwide prestige and today, Just products have gone far beyond the Swiss borders and are sold in more than 35 countries around the world.


Just understands that nature and the human body are perfect systems that are affected by external factors, such as our lifestyle, stress, artificial chemicals and diet.

By studying medicinal plants along with the ancient therapies related to them, Just has rediscovered in them sources of pleasure and health. This knowledge is permanently translated into new essential oil-infused products that deliver solutions for everyday problems and help millions of Just customers worldwide make overall better choices and live healthier lifestyles.

Join us in this herbal discovery of Swiss Oil-Infused Products for the Body & Mind.

Just products are distributed through a family of closely-knit and supportive Independent Consultants pursuing the dream of independence, time flexibility and financial freedom through their own home-based businesses. Over 75,000 Independent Consultants find exciting promotions, awards, trips and sales incentives that make belonging more fun and participation more rewarding. In an age of faceless companies, anonymous e-mails and computer-generated voicemail systems, SwissJust strives to help people connect, grow and continue to pursue their dreams through our proven career and training system.


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Do you love SwissJust products?


Why not share our nature-based products with your friends and make money at the same time?

Join the SwissJust family of Consultants and change your life by helping improve the health and well-being of your friends and family. Just products restore natural balance to your customer's health through the use of pure essential oils. You too can represent a product that helps real people with real wellness issues.

At the same time, you can improve your own financial well-being. Whether you are looking to make a little more money every month or shoot for a full-time income, you can achieve your dreams with SwissJust. Create the work-family balance that you crave with a flexible schedule to fit your work into your family time. Join us today!

Create the work-family balance that you crave with a flexible schedule to fit your work into your family time.

Join us today!




Answers to all your questions

What help do I get when I start my business?
You have the support of Just, an International Company with its own factory and headquarters in Walzenhausen, Switzerland where products based on natural essential oils are developed. Just has a history which goes back more than 80 years. It is sold in more than 35 countries around the world and its sales surpass $500 million.

How do I sell the products?
Just products are mainly sold through Swiss Herbal Spas. Herbal Spas are the most effective and efficient way to sell, to meet new clients and to sponsor. We recommend you use Herbal Spas in conjunction with one-on-one sales, presentations at offices and events, and of course, with re-orders.

How do I earn money?
SwissJust Consultants earn a profit on their sales that varies between 25 to 40% according to their monthly sales. When you Sponsor your friends into the business, you can earn from 2% to 9% of their sales. Consultants who decide to promote themselves to Leader earn a percentage on the sales of their entire group. As you advance as a Leader,you generate earnings on a larger group and earn cash bonuses.

What support do I have?
You have the support of your sponsoring Consultant and of your Leader. Your Leader holds meetings and training for all the Consultants on her team. You will also have the support of the Company, which provides information for Consultants, organizes national training events and has a Customer Service Department that provides support on a permanent basis.

How can I get started?
You only need to fill in the Consultant Agreement Form, order your Starter Kit and book your first Swiss Herbal Spa with your Consultant/Leader where she will demonstrate the products for your friends. That’s it! Later, your Consultant/ Leader and the Company will guide you and provide support for you and guarantee the success you deserve!


Date 13/04/2019

By Marcela

Subject Productos just in Montreal


Me gustaría saber como puedo encontrar o hacerme llegar los productos a Montreal Canada y hacerme distribuidora en Canadá
por favor alguna ayuda o información seria muy útil y agradecida
Mi email:

Date 16/12/2017

By Isabel

Subject Consultora en B.C. Canada


Vivo en Richmond BC; alguien q sea consultor en Vancouver o alrededores ?
Mi e-mail es
Muchas Gracias !

Date 21/11/2017

By Ximena Fernandez

Subject Consultora Edmonton


Vivo en Edmonton, Canada. Ando buscando donde poder comprar los productos Swiss Just.
me ayudan..

Date 25/11/2017


Subject Re: Consultora Edmonton



Date 02/02/2015

By Eduardo espinoza

Subject Consultora en Canadá


Hola perdón peor estoy buscando a alguna consultora o alguien que tenga productos just en Canadá necesito un anti estrés y bálsamo alguien me me puede ayudar con eso? Gracias

Date 19/02/2015

By juana

Subject Re: Consultora en Canadá



Date 25/05/2017

By Rosa Zuniga

Subject Re: Re: Consultora en Canadá


Vivo en Toronto Canada,estoy buscando un sitio donde comprar productos de Swiss Just;Podria decirme donde ?.
Mi E- Mail es:

Date 01/02/2015

By Maria Jose

Subject SwissJust

Reply quisiera como ser consultora Just en New Zealand

Date 12/12/2014

By Aliser

Subject Consultora en Canada


Hola, me interesa ser consultora en Calgary, Canada. MI mama es consultora en Mexico. Me encantan los productos!
Me podrian mandar informacion porfavor?

Date 19/02/2015

By Juana

Subject Re: Consultora en Canada


Hola yo soy consultora en chicago escribeme

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