Direct Selling in Oriflame

Oriflame is today one of the fastest growing beauty companies selling direct. We are present in more than 60 countries, of which we are the market leader in more than half. We offer a wide range of high-quality beauty products as well as a unique opportunity to join our sales force and start your own business


Direct selling is a way to market products directly to the customer, outside the traditional retail environment. Products are often offered at in-home demonstrations, parties, in the workplace or simply shared amongst friends and family.

By choosing direct selling as our distribution channel we cut out all middlemen such as wholesalers, advertisers and retailers, replacing them with independent Consultants.

This way we save money by shortening our distribution chain - money that we then can invest into the compensation scheme for our Consultants. It also brings us closer to our customers, which in turn gives us a better understanding of their needs

How to join

You can join the Oriflame sales force either by contacting a Consultant you already know or by contacting your local Oriflame office. In some countries it is also possible to register online. After you have completed the consultant application form you will receive your membership and a starter kit.

The starter kit includes presentational material about our company and products as well as guides, catalogues and product samples that will be helpful to you when you start as a Consultant.

As a new Consultant you will have a more experienced consultant as a coach, guiding and assisting you. Your coach will introduce you to Oriflame and help you with all the necessary information you need in the beginning.


Support material

As an Oriflame Consultant you will have access to a wide variety of support material to help you make your business a success. We’ll support you every step of the way with a thorough training, inspiring catalogues and information about the latest beauty trends.

Starter Kit

With our starter kit you will get presentation material describing our company and products as well as useful sales support tools, like guides and catalogues.

Sales Support Tools

As an Oriflame Consultant you will have access to our various sales support tools which will help you manage, promote and market you business.


The Oriflame University

The Oriflame University contains in depth product information and advanced business trainings.



Every third week you will get a newsletter covering information about new product launches, local events and recognitions of Directors in your area.




Date 19/04/2018

By Patience

Subject Help on becomimg aMember and distributor


I live in Quebec, my e-mail address is i would appreciate all the assistance I can get on this business. Thanks

Date 14/03/2018

By nancy

Subject iwant to ecome a distributor in nigeria


I saw the product on line would need a sample cause I run a cosmetic shop you can contact me via email (

Date 11/12/2017




How can I be a distributor of oriflame in New York City.

Date 14/07/2017

By saulior

Subject oriflame


good web site with cosmetics

Date 17/05/2017

By Hiba

Subject Oriflame distributor


Hi I would like to be oriflame distributor here in Auckland, New Zealand. Can I get more information on how to become one?

Date 28/04/2015

By zarqa munir

Subject oriflame


I want to becom member of oriflame

Date 16/03/2015

By jenny wood

Subject order


I would like to be a consultant again how can I sign up?

Date 15/02/2015

By Anna

Subject Oriflame in Canada


Hello my friends, my name is Anna and I am Independent Distributer of Oriflame Company, I live in Canada. So, if you would like to buy a products, please feel free to contact me directly.

Date 15/02/2015

By Anna

Subject Re: Oriflame in Canada


Forgot to leave my contact info:

I speak: Russian, English, French.

Date 05/05/2015

By Berenadine

Subject Re: Oriflame in Canada


Hi , I like to buy some oriflamme product how can I do that., can you pl send me the information. my email thanks.

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